Fire Protection Services

What can Capitol Fire Protection do for you?


If you are a General Contractor in the area, we’d be pleased to put together a sprinkler system proposal for that new construction project you’re building or that renovation you are working on. We can help from concept to finish. Site contractors may need steel pipe cut for bollards, as well as Dry Hydrant and Cistern piping fabricated. Plumbing and mechanical contractors may have use for larger steel pipe and threaded or flanged pipe fittings for that large boiler installation, or galvanized fittings and nipples made up for that gas station tanks replacement.

Property Managers

Property Managers with sprinklered buildings will have use for Service and Repairs. Or perhaps a new retrofitted system? We perform regular NFPA 25 sprinkler system inspections and fire pump testing, documented with electronically generated reports, for our many longtime and recent service clients. We would be pleased to count you among them. When sprinkler system maintenance is due or a repair is needed, we can address those items so that sprinkler coverage remains in place and you stay up and running. Also, many industrial facilities will have use for the piping products we turn out of our shop. Process piping … heating and cooling pipes … valves …

Fire Departments

Many fire departments in the area know that we stock Connections and Adapters, Cistern and Dry Hydrant parts, and pipe and pipe fittings that come in handy when you flow water to save lives for a living. Everybody knows, it’s one thing to be able to order an item, but another completely to stop in and pick it up the same day. In the event a Connection or Adapter or other item is needed and it’s not in stock, we have access to the full Kochek catalog (viewable at

Capitol Fire Protection’s products and services: